Thursday, January 12, 2012


DSC_0949" alt="" title="Joe and Brody snuggling on the back padio" /> DSC_0940" alt="" title="" /> DSC_0835" alt="" title="Playing soccer" /> DSC_0808" alt="" title="" /> DSC_0812" alt="" title="#htmlcaption" /> DSC_0832" title="Only big boys play soccer" /> DSC_0828" title="action" /> DSC_0765" title="Beautiful day at the park" /> DSC_0750" title="Riley" /> DSC_0739" title="" /> 2011-08-09_09-44-28_823" title="Naked babies" /> 2011-08-04_14-06-33_15" title="the boys were angels on the trip out" /> 2011-08-04_12-31-41_713" title="French Fries" /> 2011-08-04_12-31-34_586" title="What a crazy face!" /> 2011-08-04_12-31-38_453" title="Stoping for lunch" /> 2011-08-02_18-29-00_214" title="" /> 2011-08-02_17-59-19_965" title="forced pictures" /> 2011-08-02_17-58-50_635" title="Best buddies at the splash park" />
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August was such a fun month. We drove out to Denver for a little R and R. Everyone in my family was there which made it so fun. Mike and Ashley had just got a new camera so we took tons of pictures. As a results you're getting a couple slideshows. This first one was camping, well just making a fire and having dinner and s'mores. It's always so fun to see the cousins together.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Judging by the pictures it was early in this month that we moved Brody into a big boy bed. They always seem to spend the first few weeks sleeping on the floor. Joe and I did some work fixing up our bunk beds and getting David and Brody all set up together in their room. I'm pretty sure they will be sharing a room for a long time!

Joe and David make a 4x8 planter box last fall, and we started a nice little garden this summer. After a nice crop of snap peas earlier in the summer, we got these beautiful cantaloupes, and they were just as tasty as they looked. David is a super gardener! Our garden was a little small for him, but he loved going out to work on grandma Yo's garden. He has his own tools and little basket for gathering over there and it is hard to keep him from picking everything. I must say he has gotten good at telling what is ripe and ready, but sometimes it's just too fun to stop picking.

 Riley is sitting up and oh so cute! She and I got to take a girls to denver and we had so much fun! As much as I love my boys it was nice to be back to just one kid again. I made the trip because it was my 10 year high school reunion. It was a last minute decision and I was really glad that I went. So much fun catching up with old friends and seeing what they were all up to.

 Happy birthday to my two favorite boys! David turned 4 on the 28th and Brody turned 2 on the 13th.

 We had a swim party at grandma and grandpas pool with all our friends to celebrate. I made the most awesome cupcakes for the party!
 Poor David slipped on the concert before anyone arrived and got a big scrap on his side! He was really upset, but it didn't take him too long to recover and jump back in the water.

 After being too chicken to get in the water the first couple times at the pool, Mr. Brody became a real water dog this summer! It took me dragging him into the pool and then taking him to the wall to walk himself back. "walk a walk a walk" all the way back to the stairs again and again. By the end of the summer he was jumping in and making as big of a splash as he could!